Artificial Intelligence will redefine your business

Companies in every sector of the economy are looking to leverage AI in order to boost productivity, lower costs, and streamline operations, all by simply unlocking the value in their own data. However, AI is a complex space with high barriers for entry. Talent is expensive, and developing an internal AI team is a complicated and risky endeavour.

MLaaS unifies computer vision, deep learning and probabilistic graph models, and is the only machine learning platform that integrates with enterprise information systems, mobile applications, industrial automation and advanced sensors. We deliver powerful machine learning capability to your operations and products, in less time and at a lower price than researchers or consultants.

Ultimately, what MLaaS brings to Enterprise is both a strategic look at external forces and trends as well as a granular perspective on what actions can be taken to address immediate priorities. Sightline clients reap benefits such as improved business processes and logistics, more efficient customer acquisition and supply chain processes, superior quality assurance and significant cost reductions. Because of the high costs and associated risks of developing internal AI capabilities, organizations are better off turning to experts with experience in the collection and processing of large datasets and the interpretation of the results.

Sightline Innovation has been developing Machine Learning solutions for more than five years for organizations in challenging spaces such as healthcare, manufacturing and construction. With our expertise, your Enterprise will get a head start over the competition, and not a false start from costly and complicated efforts at building an internal team.

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