Challenge MLaaS with your business problem today.

MLaaS is the only system that brings together a full spectrum of AI algorithms

Discover new optimizations and new ideas to business processes. Automate industrial processes. Uncover hidden insights from existing data. Make predictions for future benefit to your organizastion. MLaaS empowers Enterprise to capitalize on opportunities that were previously undiscovered.

Convolutional Neural Networks

Deep Neural Networks

Bayesian Networks

Probabilisitic Graphing Models

Restricted Boltzman Machines



And much more ...

MLaaS is your scalable AI solution for enterprise.

With MLaaS there are numerous options for connecting to systems and sensors to ensure you can truly embed AI into your operations. MLaaS is not just about building an ML model and looking at reports. MLaaS is designed to create models that can connect to systems in production environments and realize value in employing AI throughout your organization.

Physical Sensors

Optical, LiDAR, Hyperspectral, OCT, thermal, motion, moisture, pressure and much more. The compatibility of sensors with MLaaS is abundant. Sensor data can be wired up into MLaaS for analysis and training.

Big Data and Enterprise Systems

MLaaS supports big data systems such as Hadoop and is designed to handle a high volume of data sets from multiple data sources.

Control Systems

MLaaS is unique in it's ability to connect to physical control systems. By connecting a trained ML model to a control or automation system, organizations can begin to add intelligence to previously legacy systems.

Mobile and Web Applications

MMLaaS models are easily deployed and exposed for mobile and web applications to access in production settings. Make ML work for your business.

How it works?

How do I use it?

So now you have an idea of how MLaaS works. Sounds complicated, right?

The good news is, despite the complexity of the technology, the client experience is amazingly simple. To unlock the potential in your data, you need only follow these steps:

Whether you’re looking to identify hidden sales opportunities, detect fraudulent activity or optimize inventory management processes, a clear objective is the first step.
Like most things involving computers, machine learning analysis is only as good as the data provided. Sightline will work with you to transfer and properly label your data to optimize results. Not all cases require labelled data, it just depends on what your specific use case is.
With steps one and two complete, Sightline’s technicians will set to work implementing the MLaaS system to create a model based on your data.
Once the model is trained and producing accurate results, MLaaS is integrated with your production systems. Be it sensors, big data systems or industrial automation systems. MLaaS is now ready to turn your data intelligent actions.
Once the model is deployed and new unseen data is pushed through it, there are methods by which to continually optimize the model through a unique Ground Truthing feature built into MLaaS. This allows the business domain experts to inject further knowledge into the training of the models which then in turn can be brought back into the process. MLaaS is designed with this true process feedback loop in mind.

Integration Options are endless

Physical Sensors

LiDAR, OCT, Thermal, Motion, any optical sensor, medical imaging devices, machine vision cameras and much more. Don't see your sensor here? Contact us!

Big Data and not so Big Data Systems

Hadoop, MongoDB, SQL and No SQL support. You name it we support it!

Control Systems

Manufacturing control systems, EtherCAT, SCADA, CANBUS systems and much more! Just wire it up

Mobile Applications

Unity AR/VR mobile visualization and iOS and Android application support.